We Are Proclaiming Christ through the Performing Arts.

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We Are...a national movement reaching this generation for Christ through proclaiming the Gospel in artistic, relevant & urban avenues.  Connect with us across all social media via @TrueVoicesTV and stay up-to-date with our latest news, videos and events. If you support our work please share this video & website with your friends. 

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Our Founder @BrotherJnyc

Our Founder @BrotherJnyc

How did we get started? 

TrueVoices was founded by J.L. Escobar better known as Brother Jay, in January of 2012.  His vision was one of creating a platform for Christ-centered performing arts in NYC, that has now grown nationally. The very first TrueVoices event took place in a inner-city church from the South Bronx, and by God's grace has grown to six cities and counting as a poetry & performing arts movement.

We value and believe in leveraging Spoken Word & The Performing Arts to create a positive impact in and through this generation.  By inspiring and equipping the masses to use their creative God-given gifts. TrueVoices provides a platform that allows artists to express their faith boldly with the hope of amplifying their collective voice for the greater good and God's glory. To ultimately build a community for them by them and those who share similar passions & convictions.  


@JackieHillPerry at PROCLAIM 2014

@JackieHillPerry at PROCLAIM 2014

Where are we?

We Are Headquartered in NYC with Chapters in currently in Chicago, New Jersey, D.C., Cincinnati & Philadelphia.  If you would like to launch a chapter in your city, submit all the necessary information to be considered.  For more info on each chapter please visit the 'Chapters' tap and follow the prompts. 

Our Purpose is Multifaceted:

  • Proclaim the Gospel through poetry & the performing arts

  • Reach this generation for Christ in a relevant & unique way

  • Edify believers through the arts

  • Provide an authentic community for poets, artists, & believers alike 

How to get involved?

There are several ways you can get involved with TrueVoices out of your city, including...

  • Perform - Speak at one of our upcoming events.
  • Support - Become Apart of our Donor Team.
  • Intern - Gain valuable experience while giving of skill set. 
  • Become apart of a team out of your city 
  • Volunteer - Serve with your time & talents.

Want to stay connected?

Connect with us online by subscribing to our TrueVoices Newsletter. To receive news & updates on all things TrueVoices.  Another great way to stay connected is by following us across our one or all of our social media channels: